Friday, January 14, 2011

Other than news... Zelda!

Being this the first post on the topic, I guess I should ask why? What made both games on N64 so legendary that we continue to rant about the memories of playing them? 

What would I say? I'd say its like any other childhood fantasy, it was great because we didn't know what was great about it. You only know that somehow walking through those eerie temples to solve those puzzles was more important than anything in the world. If I had to name one thing in particular (Now that I'm older I can begin to see the specific things), it would be the atmosphere of both games - Not the sky if that's what you're thinking (Even though it was pretty good) but the general feeling of it, the adventure, the people, the stories. It all accumulated into something purely genius, and I guess I'll never quite pinpoint what it was, but I still love it.


  1. I totally feel this way about a game I played in my childhood (Dungeon Siege). I played so much and remember the beautiful landscapes so well that even to this day I have nostalgic memories of living in the game.

  2. Cool blog man :) following

    Hope to see many zelda inspired posts!

    And I agree with you on this ^^

  3. These sort of games will always be legendary

  4. I still have not played zelda. I've been meaning to get around to it for years. I know... I'm so ashamed

    *hides face*

  5. I remember playing Zelda on my Gameboy as a little kid. This brings back so many memories *sniffle*

  6. Because they were simply awesome; full of adventure and challenges and action. What's not there to love?
    I've also played the Master Quest version of OoT; all the dungeons are on steroids.